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These are perfect for keeping your cast iron cookware looking and performing at its best.


Calling All Cast Iron seasoning is made from Avocado oil, Grape-seed oil, and food grade beeswax.

This product contains one 4-ounce can of seasoning. Made in USA.

Adding beeswax with two high smoke point oils works especially well if you plan to store cast iron for any period of time. The blend will also hold up better if you need to use soap after cooking certain foods. Beeswax is a great water repellent, better than oils alone, so you won't get that sticky residue that sometimes happens when just using oil.


Also works great on carbon steel cookware, griddle cooktops, wooden cutting boards, and wooden utensils.


With regular use your cast iron with develop a beautiful finish with that slick dark black patina, always ready to cook in.


A little goes along way. Also makes a great gift for those who love their cast iron!

Price includes sales tax

Cast Iron Seasoning and Maintenance Disc

Sales Tax Included
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