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Care Guide




USE IT OFTEN The more you use it, they better it will cook and stay in good condition. Grandma’s seasoning wasn’t built up in a day, yours won’t either.


CLEAN IT IMMEDIATELY After use let it cool off some then let it soak with warm soapy water if anything has stuck. After a few minutes scrub with a nylon brush. Soap is fine to use if you need to because it doesn’t contain lye. Rinse and dry completely. Place on heat and warm pan. Turn off heat and apply a small amount of the seasoning and maintenance disc and wipe out with a cloth. Can go over the outside of pan as well.


STORE IT: When not in use, keep your cast iron in a cool dry place.. a pan or lid rack are great choices


COOK LOW AND SLOW: Cast iron should never go above medium heat on your stove top. Let it come up to temperature gradually. High direct heat could warp your pan.


COOK WITH OIL: Use butter, pam, bacon fat, or any oil..your pan has an amazing nearly nonstick finish, but some oil is required.

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