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About Calling All Cast Iron

Patti Washington, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, is the heart and soul of Calling All Cast Iron. Her exposure to cast iron cookware began as a child watching her grandmothers prepare meals for their family gatherings. Years after her grandmothers had passed, Patti sought to rekindle the warmth of those early years by using cast iron again. However, she became frustrated by how easily the food would stick. This was never a problem at Mawmaw’s house!

So Patti took it upon herself to research methods on how to re-season cast iron. Always the perfectionist, she eventually found the combination of methods that efficiently removed several decades of greasy grunge and rust...


Seasoning Discs


Cast iron seasoning and maintenance discs

These are perfect for keeping your cast iron cookware looking and performing at its best. Adding food grade beeswax with two high smoke point oils works especially well if you plan to store cast iron for any period of time. The blend will also hold up better if you do have to use soap after cooking certain foods. Beeswax is a great water proofer, better than oils alone, so you won't get that sticky residue that sometimes happens when just using oil. Beeswax is antibacterial so it will not get rancid. After you wash and dry your skillet, place it back on a burner on low heat. ...


Restoration Services


Do you have vintage cast iron or family heirlooms rusted beyond recognition? I can restore them back to as close to original condition as possible (yes, even if they are rusted!) Using a combination of lye,  electrolysis, and my personal seasoning, you end up with an incredibly clean and well-seasoned pan with a nearly non-stick surface.


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